Can’t Stop Snacking? Chew Gum Instead To Avoid Adding Weight

One of the many reasons many people add weight and thereafter start seeking weight loss solutions is snacking. Snacks are unhealthy because they contain huge amounts of sugar. Once in the body, this sugar is converted into glucose and thereafter stored as fat. It’s, therefore, pertinent that one stops snacking if they wish to lose weight. If you’re having trouble with this, try chewing gum instead.

Tricks body about eating

Sometimes people snack simply because they want to feel as though they’re eating. They’re not really hungry; they just crave that feeling of gnashing food in between their teeth. Chewing gum is a great replacement for snacks because it fulfills this desire quite well. You get to feel as though you’re eating. The only difference here is that you’re not really eating. Also, with gum, you can chew on the same thing for hours. As a result, you don’t add any weight.

Has few or zero calories

Another reason why you should chew gum instead of eating snacks is because gum has few or no calories. At most, chewing gum might only contain about 10-20 calories. This is a stark difference compared to commercial snacks that are loaded with hundreds of calories. So even if you chew gum all day, you will still be way ahead of someone who ate just one snack during the same period.

Helps you burn calories

This may sound surprising but chewing gum can help you burn calories. This is because chewing requires energy. If you chew for several hours, chances are that you will burn a few calories more than you actually consumed. Of course, you won’t use up much energy compared to fitness workouts. However, even those few calories count.

If you want to seriously replace snacks with chewing gum in your weight loss journey, look for zero-calorie chewing gum. It costs about the same as ordinary gum.