Short Cycle Benefits Of Anabolics

The most common user of legal anabolic steroids is the recreational lifters. If you are among these ranks and looking for the best steroid cycle, consider a short cycle regimen. While there are some misconceptions about short cycles, they often bring about the best long term results.

Short steroid cycles generally last about 4 weeks. The athlete takes the steroid for 2-3 weeks and then takes a 1-2-week break. The benefit of this type of dosing is limiting any negative health impact the supplements might cause.

While steroids are useful in helping reach your goals and enhance your performance, they can cause bad changes in the lipid profile. Some supplements cause the good cholesterol levels to drop in men while the bad cholesterol levels increase. The combination of an increase in LDL levels while decreasing HDL levels  can lead to the buildup of plaque on the artery walls. By reducing the time you use the supplements by inserting a break, you decrease the chances of this buildup. Shortening the cycle helps you to still reach your goals, but reduces the risk of heart attack and coronary bypass surgery in the future.

The shorter cycle also helps to reduce other side effects many prohormone users report, including acne, hair loss, hypertension, kidney stress and shrinkage of the testes. Reducing the length of the cycle makes the supplements easier on the liver, too.

Although short cycles have some benefits, there are some disadvantages. Your gains are going to be smaller. Also, if you are competing at the national level, you will probably will want to stick to longer cycles. Remember, the greatest benefit if for armatures and not professionals.

You can experience decent gains that are much better than you would attain without the supplements. If you are not close to your natural maximum, you can expect to gain up to 10 pounds of muscle mass in the four-week period. Because your testes do not shrink, your natural testosterone rebounds more quickly, and sometimes slightly higher than normal, making it easier to maintain the gains you reach during the “on” period.

If you follow an 8-week cycle, you are not likely to continue to gain on the “off” weeks. In fact, even if you gain 30 pounds during a longer cycle, you are not likely to be able to maintain that entire gain during the weeks that follow. Most guys do well to retain just 15 of the pounds from the longer cycle at the end of six months unless they were well under their natural maximum weight. If you are following the cycle to gain and cut for simple cosmetic reasons, a shorter one may be your best option. However, if you need to add bulk or cut for a competition that takes place at the end of the cycle and need the maximum effect, the longer period may be a better option.

Before you start using any steroid supplements, you should take some time learning to train without them. If you know how to train naturally and then add a small nutritional supplement, you are more likely to experience great gains with the addition of the steroid. Knowing how to train naturally allows you to minimize your steroid cycle, which helps to minimize many of the common negative side effects associated with supplements, while improving your results.