Putting Fitness Into Your Daily Routine

Keeping fit is no longer about running to the nearest gym, or joining a diet class and calories counting every second of your life. The new fitness craze is all about using techniques to make sure you get a good amount of exercise inclusive in your daily routines. This includes the morning routine, the commute, during work hours, cleaning, gardening, and even shopping. No matter how busy you feel you are, or how little time you think is on your side, take a few moments before each day to plan how you will inject your dose of goodness.

Work hours

If you are one of the lucky people who’s job is all about constant moving about then good for you. If you are one of the unlucky few who’s job is extremely monotonous then add some of these tips while typing away and answering calls. Firstly, keep it simple and take the stairs, throw in a few more trips up and down during your lunch break. Avoid all temptation to make a fast exit to the lift. You can do basic leg lifts at your desk while work, don’t neglect a few lunges moving about the office, or jumping jacks while waiting for the kettle to boil.

The commute

Leave the car at home and forget about the bus. This is simple, if you want to get in a good amount of fitness then turned your commute into a workout. Either power walk your way into the office, or get a bike and peddle your way in. You will burn a lot of fat and get your adrenaline pumped and ready for a busy day. That certainly beats a good strong cup of coffee in the morning, with a zero amount of calories. Plus you’ll be wide awake and continue burning even while sitting still.


Your fitness level is always going to be different to the next person, so make no comparison. The only person you should compete against is yourself. By adding these simple additions, even the laziest more UN-interested individual will notice some major changes that will keep them wanting more. Even while watching TV, grab a dumbbell, a skipping rope, or any item to take a few hits of a workout while you indulge. Turn that couch potato attitude into a fitness goal with a difference. You will be very pleased you turned your life around/